Another Buyers’ Advocate!

Well, it’s been four years since I moved to Australia and I can safely say that it’s the best country in the world. Even with all the riches in the world in my home country, living in Australia is better.  The last time I updated you all I had just landed in Australia with my … [Expand…]

Bathroom Renovation Memories

Until last month I had never written about the nostalgia I felt for my first love. It was something that I had always internalised, especially because I’m pretty happily married now. But ever since I wrote about it, I haven’t been able to get her out of my head. I keep thinking about how young … [Expand…]

Orc Houses?

Walking through beautiful Forgotten Springs, the quality of the houses strikes me as simply incredible. That is until I reach the orc encampment, where the houses can barely be called that at all. It is, after all, a camp. The stench of it reaches my nose, and I turn to go to a more pleasant … [Expand…]

Renovation Frustration

My mum and I don’t always see eye to eye, which I assume is normal in any mother-daughter relationship. It’s super frustrating though because she does a lot of things that really annoy me. It’s like she will purposely go against what I want just for the fun of it. If I say it’s purple … [Expand…]

Compulsory Children’s Orthotics

My twin brother and I are identical in every way. No one can tell us apart, sometimes even our parents get confused about who they’re talking to. I love my brother and I’m happy that we’re so similar, but it sucks in some ways because I’m the lesser brother.  Even though we’re identical and no … [Expand…]

Self-Appointed VP

Since the CEO of the business hasn’t been seen in about ten years, I’ve decided to take control of things around here. Whenever somebody asks how I got my position as Vice President, I just tell them that the big boss appointed me and they can take up with him in the big, dark room … [Expand…]

Waffles, Repairs, Safety

My turn to write on this old thing, hey? I’ve been working at this company for almost forty years now, and have only gotten to write on the blog a handful of times. It’s good fun, but I never know what to write. Maybe I should just talk about my day. It started out pretty … [Expand…]

Company Conditioning

When did we get a glass elevator at work? For that matter, when did we get a glass anything at work? I distinctly remember there being no glass in this mega corporation’s skyscraper. There aren’t even glasses in the kitchens, and anybody with poor eyesight is required to wear contacts. I distinctly remember being told … [Expand…]

Mysterious Button

Yay! My turn to write on the company blog. I’ve been looking forward to this day for ages. I was starting to think I wouldn’t get a chance. But today I noticed a button on the elevator I’d never seen before. It said “Floor X”, so naturally, I pressed the button immediately. I expected the … [Expand…]

The Stanley Comparable

Wow, I’ve never been given the opportunity to write on here before. I’ve been working with the company for almost a decade now, but I’d only ever heard stories about the famous blog. When my team leader came around to my little cubicle on floor 17C and said it was finally my turn, I almost … [Expand…]