Best Christmas party venue in the city

It’s July, and that means Christmas. That is, it means Christmas for my funny backwards family. They emigrated from England, a place I have never been to, and it feels right to them having Christmas in July when it’s cold. I don’t complain, because two are better than one (we still have regular Christmas), but … [Expand…]

Big city function a treat

I’ve noticed that we don’t use leeches in medicine very much any more. Like, in medical school, I kept thinking we were going to be coming to the leeches unit. I checked the course, and I thought it might’ve fallen under another one of the headings. There was nothing for ‘potions’ either. I was really … [Expand…]

Kid friendly gardens

I’m not outdoorsy. To be frank, the word ‘outdoorsy’ shouldn’t exist. I like proper English and I’m not a ‘great outdoors’ kind of guy. Hey, nature is nice to look at. It doesn’t mean I need to go traipsing around in it. You have any idea how much these shoes cost me? It’s just too … [Expand…]

The Beauty of Gardens

Remember, beauty is a choice. You’re the one who decides how you’re feeling on the inside and out – don’t you forget it! You heard it from Briella, folks. Anyway, I’m happy on this fine, blustery Melbourne day to chat to you all about a very different kind of beauty: the beauty of your garden. … [Expand…]

I Need a Nap in a Glass Box

You know what I hate? Michael. No, he doesn’t get to be referred to as a person, on account of him being just terrible. He’s that kind of person who comes across as SO helpful, everyone loves him, but it just makes me sick. No one is that happy and cheerful all the time, so … [Expand…]

Because it’s All About You, Darla

Darla wants the files on her desk by Monday? Oh, NO problem, Darla. Never mind that the only reason I was late was you parking in my designated space, meaning that I had to find a shady spot fifteen minutes’ walk away and I’m now just hoping and praying that the parking inspectors are merciful … [Expand…]