Lighting that ISN’T Terrible

Funny how we’re now dealing with lighting, when the stuff we have in the office is total trash. It’s that really bland, white light that just bleeds through the ceiling and makes everyone look terrible. Woe betide anyone with skin imperfections, because you’re going to look even worse working in this office. I know that … [Expand…]

Funny Plumbing Books

One thing I don’t often see talked about in coffee table books is plumbing. Funny animals and beautiful scenery? They’re all very nice, but they’ve been done time and time again, and it’s time for something fresh. I happen to know a particularly hilarious cartoonist who specialises in all things to do with plumbing, and … [Expand…]

Just Prune That Bonsai…

Calm your mind, says the therapist. Well, I’m sitting here right now and typing out my thoughts in an ATTEMPT to stay calm. How’s it working, did someone say? Fine. It’s…working…fine…sorry, got distracted there by the sound of my grinding teeth. And I was doing so well. Then we had to have staff meeting where … [Expand…]

Business Connections and Arch Supports

The best thing about working here is that you get to know all kinds of interesting people. I managed to land myself a job in sales, and when you change industries as much as we do, that means you touch base with practically every industry in Melbourne. Seriously, just name a field. I’ve probably had … [Expand…]