Flying Premium Economy to Success

Finally, I’m moving up in this company! Of course, that might mean I’m eventually initiated into the ranks of the shadowy order of the bosses, who communicate only via email and probably spend most of their time in a dark room inside a glowing magic circle. I mean, like…that’s the image I have of them. … [Expand…]

Talkin’ ‘Bout Rendering

If this office wasn’t crazy enough, now I have to babysit the Swedish guy. I’m not being racist or anything, and his English is just fine if a little bit heavily accented. No, it’s just…new people aren’t what we need at the moment. I’ve got Darren on the case helping out, but now the bosses … [Expand…]

An Office Badly In Need of Design

So, office fitouts…they’re a bit of a thing in Melbourne at the moment, right? I’m just thinking, since the company seems to be doing so well (as in, we get new clients all the time, and that can only be good), maybe we could get a bit of that action? It’s just that the place … [Expand…]

We Deal with Beauty, Apparently

We do beauty products? And also own beauty brands? Seriously, what the heck does this company even do? I’d look into it if I wasn’t so busy fielding calls from sixteen-year-old girls saying that they need anti wrinkle treatments in Melbourne, or…tattooing of eyebrows somewhere right now or they’re going to be off-fleek for the … [Expand…]