An Office Badly In Need of Design

Melbourne office fitoutsSo, office fitouts…they’re a bit of a thing in Melbourne at the moment, right? I’m just thinking, since the company seems to be doing so well (as in, we get new clients all the time, and that can only be good), maybe we could get a bit of that action? It’s just that the place we’re working in right now is kinda…old. I’m about 90% sure at this point there are possums living in the roof, for example. The stairwell smells like…well, smells that I don’t want to mention, and the steps are covered in graffiti. And the office itself, while holding together, is just embarrassingly behind the times, like a relic from the seventies down to the tessellated carpet.

I’m here at the front desk welcoming visitors, and I know they’re going to walk in and see how ramshackle the place is. I’ve been tossing hints to the boss “check out this company in Melbourne, office fitouts galore!” but at the current time he’s not really getting it. I know we have big bosses in the CBD (or somewhere. Honestly, no one is really sure) and they’re the ones who make the big decisions, but our little office out here gets nothing. In fact, I’ve heard similar things from the offices out yonder, and not just in Melbourne: it’s all neglect. I think the office out in Sunshine just got an upgrade, but that wasn’t an office fitout; they just moved to a new building.

It’s the worst whenever I have to pick up Marina from her job at the big fancy tech company. Not only do we spend our entire coffee date talking about how much she loves her job at Lawrence Corp, I have to walk in there, right up to her block. Pristine stairs, an elevator that plays piano covers of top forty hits, and the office? It’s so lovely. Bright, clean, modern and with a kitchen area that looks like it belongs in a five-star hotel.

Okay, I have office envy. If we don’t start hunting around Melbourne for office design professionals, I’m jumping ship. I just want a microwave that works!


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