Just Stop and Chill

Kaylee looks so stressed. Here I am, relaxing at my desk and just casually getting my work done, and she’s dashing to and fro like a headless chicken. What is it they say? The chains of command, that’s it. Someone in the break room said that she’s just been told that we’re taking on a … [Expand…]

The Great Break Room Crisis

Alright, I’ll admit it: we need to clean up the break room. This is me admitting this, by the way. Nobody knows, but I was the one who poured an entire container of two-minute noodles down the sink because I wasn’t really fond of the flavour. I was also the one who exploded the microwave, … [Expand…]

Solving the Great Crisis

Oh yeah, right, sure. Ryan has finally admitted that he was the cause of the Great Break Room Crisis of 2016/17. That’s all well and good, but I wouldn’t trust that idiot to make beans on toast (at least, not without burning the toast, spilling the beans and breaking three plates in the process), so … [Expand…]

My Amazing Beauty Inventions

Finally, a client that is just so me. It’s a bit of a shame we’re in Alice Springs and they’re in Melbourne, but hopefully I can get some time off, sweet talk the boss into giving us some vouchers and boom, laser hair removal for everyone! Or just me, because shaving is the world’s worst … [Expand…]