The Old Hobbies

If there was one thing my parents loved, a hobby they cherished more than anything, it was probably chasing me around the house with a slipper, beating me around the head and telling me that I was in trouble. BUT, if there was a second thing, it was boating. Many a weekend they spent out … [Expand…]

I’m Totally Passionate About Welding or Whatever

Now I’m in trouble. The boss seems to have finally noticed that a few of us are…well, ‘low-energy’. Low-energy means less productivity, so we’re having a motivational seminar, with a twist. Ordinary motivational seminars I can handle; we have them every now and then, and I know exactly where to sit to avoid audience participation. … [Expand…]

Fun Times Moving Office!

Our office is moving. That’s sort of exciting, I guess, particularly since we’re going to be spending an entire day just shifting furniture back and forth, and getting paid for not doing our usual work. Still, I do kind of wonder why we couldn’t just mash ourselves up with the BIG office in the Melbourne … [Expand…]