I’m Totally Passionate About Welding or Whatever

stainless steel marine weldingNow I’m in trouble. The boss seems to have finally noticed that a few of us are…well, ‘low-energy’. Low-energy means less productivity, so we’re having a motivational seminar, with a twist. Ordinary motivational seminars I can handle; we have them every now and then, and I know exactly where to sit to avoid audience participation. Never have to get involved in that malarkey. This time? We’re all having to take a state-of-the-art motivation test. So yeah, I’m screwed.

Our current clients are all to do with that…boat stuff. You know. Stainless steel marine welding. Melbourne has a bit of it going on, or so I’m aware. I do work sometimes, and I can even tell you some juicy details. Snapper racks are pretty popular right now, for example. Plate alloy boats are all the rage. But if I had to take a test to ascertain my level of motivation in regards to work? I’m not sure I can actually do it. I’ve seen that sort of test before, at that tech expo they sent us to last year that I’ve almost entirely forgotten. This was some new product from Lawrence Corp, where they strap a thing around your arm and attach thingamajigs to your brain. And it doesn’t just measure blood pressure or anything…it actually gives you an accurate picture of a person’s level of passion. Somehow. So now I have, like…maybe a day to get super pumped about stainless steel marine welding. Also, plate alloy. Never been a huge fan of boats, but if there’s one thing I find motivating, it’s the fact that my job is on the line. I don’t want to have to find ANOTHER job. That’s a load of effort, and then it might end up being a job where I have to work.

Stainless steel marine welding it is. Whoop, get excited. I AM excited, honest.


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