The Stanley Comparable

Wow, I’ve never been given the opportunity to write on here before. I’ve been working with the company for almost a decade now, but I’d only ever heard stories about the famous blog. When my team leader came around to my little cubicle on floor 17C and said it was finally my turn, I almost … [Expand…]

From Dry Needling to Hazmat Suits

“Hello, do you do acupuncture?” That was my first call this morning. Oh, joy, the shady bosses are at it again, giving us clients we didn’t even know we had! Last I heard we were supposed to be selling inflatable pool rings, so the concept of puncturing something should be the furthest thing on our … [Expand…]

I Need a Nap in a Glass Box

You know what I hate? Michael. No, he doesn’t get to be referred to as a person, on account of him being just terrible. He’s that kind of person who comes across as SO helpful, everyone loves him, but it just makes me sick. No one is that happy and cheerful all the time, so … [Expand…]