I’ll Take Some Luxury Accommodation, Thank You

Oh yes. Now I could get used to working for a client that does luxury accommodation, yes sir I could. See, this is why I took that client liaison position. Longer hours, more interaction with people and sometimes we have to travel outside the office to other offices in Melbourne: everyone said I was crazy. … [Expand…]

Just Stop and Chill

Kaylee looks so stressed. Here I am, relaxing at my desk and just casually getting my work done, and she’s dashing to and fro like a headless chicken. What is it they say? The chains of command, that’s it. Someone in the break room said that she’s just been told that we’re taking on a … [Expand…]

Pretty Far to Travel for a Conference

This place has so many conferences, it’s a wonder we get any work done at all. And when we’re not at conferences and seminars and motivational talks, it’s my job to organise them for everyone else. That wasn’t in my job description, mind you…but alas, the Perth branch is the one that gets the most … [Expand…]