Pretty Far to Travel for a Conference

conference venue VictoriaThis place has so many conferences, it’s a wonder we get any work done at all. And when we’re not at conferences and seminars and motivational talks, it’s my job to organise them for everyone else. That wasn’t in my job description, mind you…but alas, the Perth branch is the one that gets the most flak and the least manpower.

And now they’re flying us to Victoria. Okay, if they’re totally fine with us getting no work done for a day while we literally travel all the way across the country and back, that’s up to management. To us they’re just a shadowy bunch of faceless people in Sydney who make all these stupid decisions.

Still, I’m looking forward to seeing what the conference venues in Victoria are like. If there’s one problem around this office, it’s a real lack of motivation from pretty much everyone who isn’t me, and maybe Gary. He gets it. And I suppose June tried really hard; she’s just not too good at her job, if you know what I mean. The sincerity is there and there’s not much a nice time away in a conference centre can do for her except inspire her to pay more attention to detail and filing. She does make really nice coffee, however, and she always just seems to know when you’ll want one. No, really you’ll be thinking ‘gee, it’s 2 pm, time for a coffee’ and one will materialise on your desk. She’s amazing, except at her job.

Um, anyway…but the rest of the office really could use a kick up the butt. Things have really been stalled around her, and you can tell by the volume of paperwork mounting on everyone’s desks. Jerry looks like she’s trying to make a miniature version of New York out of paper stacks. Maybe I should check the syllabus, see if I can’t make a few changes. I’ve been told that the research process for venue hire was extensive, so…at least the place will be nice.


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