I Am Not Your Kitchen Fairy

Hello, it’s Moira, the kitchen fairy! Said no one ever, because it’s NOT my job to clean up after everyone. It’s been exactly the same every year I’ve worked here. We have our grand staff meeting, I stand up and give my usual set of spiels, followed by a dire warning to all who refuse … [Expand…]

From Dry Needling to Hazmat Suits

“Hello, do you do acupuncture?” That was my first call this morning. Oh, joy, the shady bosses are at it again, giving us clients we didn’t even know we had! Last I heard we were supposed to be selling inflatable pool rings, so the concept of puncturing something should be the furthest thing on our … [Expand…]

Fun Times Moving Office!

Our office is moving. That’s sort of exciting, I guess, particularly since we’re going to be spending an entire day just shifting furniture back and forth, and getting paid for not doing our usual work. Still, I do kind of wonder why we couldn’t just mash ourselves up with the BIG office in the Melbourne … [Expand…]