Fun Times Moving Office!

marine fabricationOur office is moving. That’s sort of exciting, I guess, particularly since we’re going to be spending an entire day just shifting furniture back and forth, and getting paid for not doing our usual work. Still, I do kind of wonder why we couldn’t just mash ourselves up with the BIG office in the Melbourne CBD. They’re the ones who get all the good stuff- the coffee machines that produce something drinkable, the comfy chairs, reserved employee parking- and maybe, just maybe we could join up with them. It’s not like Melbourne is a sprawling metropolis; we don’t need two offices, especially when one is so much smaller and ill-equipped.

It’s probably Lawrence Corp again, driving us out of the tech sector…and the other sectors. I actually liked the couple of weeks we were working with the marine fabrication people. It was an interesting industry, and unlike most of the stuff we do here (or get handed at the last minute by the bosses), this was something I actually wanted to learn. Like, what even IS marine fabrication? It’s working on boats, I guess? I certainly learned a lot in that first week.

Except not, all the marine fabricators around the place have moved to working with Lawrence Corp, because they do everything and they do it well, which just doesn’t seem fair. What’s more, I bet employees go to work there and actually know what they’re working on that day instead of just getting handed random assignments and being asked to deal with it. Ugh, that’s our lot, working at Rize…at least it keeps things fresh.

I’m betting the new office is smaller, has less parking and is going to smell like must and paint. I’m calling it right now. Oh well. At least I now know practically everything there is to know about bait boards. I’m nothing if not a diligent learner.


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