The Annual Survey

Oh great, the yearly employee questionnaire. ‘Would you consider yourself loyal to the company?’ is always my favourite question; always makes me laugh. Would I consider myself loyal to a company where the bosses are ghosts, we never know what we’re working on and there doesn’t even seem to be a solid product or service … [Expand…]

Too Many Toasters

Toasters. They are the great evil. Toasters and hair dryers, both of them are a blight on the energy usage of mankind, for real. The big bosses sent a very angry email asking why our office is using more power than average. I should’ve realised it from the start, but I had to take a … [Expand…]

I Guess We’re Not Doing Platforms Any More?

So, wow, that thing happened. One of the actual managers descended from on high to visit our humble office. Sure, they arrived in a limo and the guy didn’t take off his sunglasses the entire time he was talking, and…there was the speech. The incredibly terrifying motivational speech, after which he got in his limo … [Expand…]