I Guess We’re Not Doing Platforms Any More?

mobile aluminium scaffoldingSo, wow, that thing happened.

One of the actual managers descended from on high to visit our humble office. Sure, they arrived in a limo and the guy didn’t take off his sunglasses the entire time he was talking, and…there was the speech. The incredibly terrifying motivational speech, after which he got in his limo and was gone. Still, a real manager. They exist, and not just in email form!

From what I gathered, the higher-ups are all really concerned about Lawrence Corp and how they’re dominating all the markets. Like, ALL the markets. Not that I’d want to work for those guys anyway…had a few friends who went down that rabbit hole, and they just stopped being friends. Or people. Still, Lawrence Corp makes some really good stuff, so you can sort of see why they’re winning the corporate war. Their latest is a set of folding platform steps that assemble themselves. Like, you just take them out of the box and they clink-clunk themselves together, industrial strength platforming, right when and where you need it. I saw the YouTube video and it was awesome and creepy at the same time. At what point have we gone too far when it comes to scaffolding technology?

So yeah, we’re definitely behind in the aluminium scaffolding game. Also, weed killer. Seriously, I think at one point we were working on that, but then someone at Lawrence Corp invented some kind of weed killer/fertilizer mix that makes deserts bloom or something. It’s all very impressive, and then suddenly we stopped doing weed killer.

I actually can’t remember much about the meeting…just that it was very intense, and we have to pick up our act. Or the bosses are picking up their act? It’s all a bit fuzzy. Mobile aluminium scaffolding definitely featured in there somewhere, probably. I think Ingrid took minutes.


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