Self-Appointed VP

Since the CEO of the business hasn’t been seen in about ten years, I’ve decided to take control of things around here. Whenever somebody asks how I got my position as Vice President, I just tell them that the big boss appointed me and they can take up with him in the big, dark room … [Expand…]

Windows Now, I Suppose

So today we got a mystery delivery of packages to the office, which had me instantly worried. Big, nondescript boxes with no proper information on the label. Absolutely anything could’ve been in there; maybe a bomb, or stacks of adult magazines, or a shipment of bananas that got lost in transit and is now mouldy … [Expand…]

We’ll Just NOT Have Tinted Windows

This has become a daily occurrence. I come to my desk, I look at my email and it’s one from the bosses, saying that a client will no longer be working with us. But good news, we’ve picked up some other deadbeat company! Yeah, until Lawrence Corp steals THEM from us as well, and we … [Expand…]