Windows Now, I Suppose

Melbourne window replacementSo today we got a mystery delivery of packages to the office, which had me instantly worried. Big, nondescript boxes with no proper information on the label. Absolutely anything could’ve been in there; maybe a bomb, or stacks of adult magazines, or a shipment of bananas that got lost in transit and is now mouldy and disgusting. Anything!

Eventually Connor just decided to crack one of them open and it turned out to be pieces of scaffolding. I’d tell you what they’re supposed to be for, but all the mysterious bosses would tell me was that they’re supposed to be there, at this location. Great! I have to make a wild guess that it’s to do with the timber windows. Companies in Melbourne partnered with us a few weeks ago and we’ve been doing a lot of work in the window replacement industry. It was actually one of our more stable clients, if you can believe it. Got a lot of info on them to start off with, and the whole office actually knew what they were doing for once. Should’ve known THAT wasn’t going to last.

Sorry…it’s not over yet. I’m just assuming with this new mystery shipment that we’re moving onto scaffolding, and they’re sent us a bunch of free samples. The only other alternative is that we’re getting some window replacement, and they want us to set up the scaffolding? That’s got to be one of the strangest business proposals ever, but managing this place, I’ve come to accept basically anything. Shipment of scaffolding to be used by our Melbourne based commercial window replacement clients? Okay, sure, why not? It’s no stranger than when we had to spend a week looking after some rabbits in the office because…well, something to do with the local children’s hospital. There is no logic in this workplace.


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