So Now I Deal with Tree Pruning

I’m this close to unplugging my phone. This close to unplugging it, untangling all these wires and hurling it right out of the window. I bet I could nail the shot into the skip from the window, if I didn’t actually need this phone for things that are important. Like…uh…I’ll think of something. I have … [Expand…]

The perfect function room

I like cats a lot, hence why most of the things in my home are shaped like cats. Everything is cats, even the furniture. It’s all cats. It’s okay, I know what you’re thinking: crazy cat lady alert! Well, let me set your mind at ease, because I totally have a boyfriend. He lives in … [Expand…]

Meeting Rooms IRL

It’s 2016, and I’m personally outraged that we don’t have access to virtual reality. And the frustrating thing is, we were so close. There was that ground-breaking demonstration from the Melbourne guy who’d been working in his basement for like seven years, and it looked like everything we’d imagined. What was it? Non-wind? Flawless, immersive, … [Expand…]

Investment Properties Work Up an Appetite

Please don’t tell Maya, but I’m totally skipping on our diet. She’d understand if I could explain, seriously. We’ve had the inspections, the paperwork on my desk is starting to look like Everest and then Gary had to have a birthday like a jerk. Maya and I talked ourselves into eating the Banoffee Pie because … [Expand…]

Thoughts of Styling and Sugar

Birthday at work are…well, a bit of a waste of time for me at the moment. I’ve been on a diet ever since Kim clicked on a link and said there was ‘one weird trick’ to lose weight. We couldn’t make head or tail of the results, but it seemed to involve bananas, so we’ve … [Expand…]

If I Could Wish These Termites Away

If I could snap my fingers and remove one thing from the world…I really don’t know at the moment. My desk calendar gives me one interesting thought to ponder per day, and when I got into work this morning and tore off yesterday’s (‘which historical figure would you most like to hug, and why?’), I … [Expand…]

Meetings, Conferences, Anything Except Work

I’ll take more meetings any day. Like, meetings, conferences, emergency team briefings, whatever it takes to get me out of that cubicle. Boss needs volunteers to go downstairs and pick up the paper delivery? I’ll do it. And you can bet I’ll be spending a good chunk of time doing it as well, along with … [Expand…]

Pretty Far to Travel for a Conference

This place has so many conferences, it’s a wonder we get any work done at all. And when we’re not at conferences and seminars and motivational talks, it’s my job to organise them for everyone else. That wasn’t in my job description, mind you…but alas, the Perth branch is the one that gets the most … [Expand…]