Meeting Rooms IRL

corporate function room hire MelbourneIt’s 2016, and I’m personally outraged that we don’t have access to virtual reality. And the frustrating thing is, we were so close. There was that ground-breaking demonstration from the Melbourne guy who’d been working in his basement for like seven years, and it looked like everything we’d imagined. What was it? Non-wind? Flawless, immersive, perfect, real. Now I can’t even look up the name, because after the announcement the official site was removed and the guy hasn’t been heard from since. What, was he abducted from the government? Pressured by advertising groups so much that he moved to Tahiti? Well done, world. We were SO CLOSE.

Imagine having business meetings in VR. SO convenient. Right now you have to find a corporate venue room somewhere in Melbourne, order the drinks, the catering staff…and this isn’t a slight against the industry. Those things work just fine. I love a good function room, provided it’s roomy enough and temperature controlled. But when that isn’t an option, VR can step in. You can have a function room inside the virtual world, where people can communicate and socialise just as they would in real life. If you want something to eat or drink, you go and get it from your own fridge, or you make a cup of tea and log back in. It’s that simple, and we could’ve had it right now if it hadn’t been for those accursed oppositions to progress.

I still hold out some hope, but in the meantime, if you want a Melbourne private venue room…you’ll have to book it yourself, drive there, park and then do it all in reverse when you want to leave. I’m just saying, the option would be nice.

Guess I’ll just pay attention to Lawrence Corp. They’re new on the market, but their tech is amazing. Plus they keep hinting that they’re about to change things forever…what else could that be except VR? Maybe the Nonwind guy got a job there. We can only hope, because that means major cash.

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