Last Office Left in Sydney…

Wonderful, so, that leaves us as the only office left in Sydney. The grand scheme to spread outside of Melbourne didn’t work out, so where there were once seven offices, they’ve been steadily shut down until it’s just us. At least the layoffs haven’t started yet here, but it’s only a matter of time. And … [Expand…]

Lighting that ISN’T Terrible

Funny how we’re now dealing with lighting, when the stuff we have in the office is total trash. It’s that really bland, white light that just bleeds through the ceiling and makes everyone look terrible. Woe betide anyone with skin imperfections, because you’re going to look even worse working in this office. I know that … [Expand…]

An Office Badly In Need of Design

So, office fitouts…they’re a bit of a thing in Melbourne at the moment, right? I’m just thinking, since the company seems to be doing so well (as in, we get new clients all the time, and that can only be good), maybe we could get a bit of that action? It’s just that the place … [Expand…]