Last Office Left in Sydney…

Wonderful, so, that leaves us as the only office left in Sydney. The grand scheme to spread outside of Melbourne didn’t work out, so where there were once seven offices, they’ve been steadily shut down until it’s just us. At least the layoffs haven’t started yet here, but it’s only a matter of time. And everyone knows what’s in the future, seeing the rest of the offices fall and vanish from existence. We’re next…and there’s not much to be done about it. Maybe I should be viewing that as a release from the poor management, and a chance for a new start.

Or…not? We’re getting fitouts. I know…WHAT. We’re having to work from home for a few days, because management are finding us a really prestigious office design company located near Sydney for a full renovation of the space. Just got the email in this morning, and it was worded with a lot more professionalism and tact than most of the blunt missives that tell us what to do in the morning. Yeah, they were all ‘we thought, upon previous inspection, that it was time for an upgrade. We’re currently searching for a quality office design company, so expect big changes on the horizon…’

And then they said a bunch of stuff about appreciating how we continue to soldier on despite being separated from the main offices on Melbourne. Sorry, what…? Has there been some kind of mass lobotomy, and now all the bosses are nice and want to talk to us? I won’t make such dramatic claims when it’s only been one email. But they’re actually right: this place is in dire need of a makeover. Looks like it was designed by someone high on something in the 80s, and the stairs are a deathtrap.

Maybe I should email back, let them know that whatever commercial office fitout company currently doing design work around Sydney they find to do the job. They might do well to focus on the wallpaper and the stairs.

Dare I email back? I’ve never actually had a response…but if it’s going to happen any time, it’ll be now.


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