Lighting that ISN’T Terrible

commercial lightingFunny how we’re now dealing with lighting, when the stuff we have in the office is total trash. It’s that really bland, white light that just bleeds through the ceiling and makes everyone look terrible. Woe betide anyone with skin imperfections, because you’re going to look even worse working in this office.

I know that most offices don’t have soft mood lighting, and if I want that sort of thing I should go and work in some trendy restaurant, but seriously. We have the cheapest stuff on the market, and it’s a little bit wearing day after day. Make me want to set up a beach umbrella just to filter some of the harsh rays.

And now we get to work with clients doing gorgeous home lighting solutions in Melbourne. Oh, how lovely…for them. I’m getting some ideas for my own home, but I just know that the bosses aren’t going to be going for any of this. We’re also working with people who do commercial lighting solutions, and yes, that does include offices. All the people in the stock photos look so happy, and of course their skin is just perfect. I don’t even think it’s photo manipulation, either; they’re just beautiful people, in a beautiful office, underneath some beautiful commercial lighting. Why do they have to be so beautiful?? Not fair.

I wonder if they have any tips on how to take ugly lighting and make something of it. Maybe…I don’t know. There may be some kind of lamp shade that makes this lighting slightly softer. But that would defeat the purpose of selling lighting, I suppose. I guess I’ll just have to use both my knowledge of Melbourne’s commercial lighting and my natural charm ask the bosses for some solutions that DON’T leave us all looking like we have skin diseases. It’s not like things are any better in the important meetings offices, so this must be good for business in the long run. So that’s now my mission. To try to see if I can get this place better lit.


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