If I Could Wish These Termites Away

pest control companyIf I could snap my fingers and remove one thing from the world…I really don’t know at the moment. My desk calendar gives me one interesting thought to ponder per day, and when I got into work this morning and tore off yesterday’s (‘which historical figure would you most like to hug, and why?’), I had to just lean back and think for a few minutes.

My first thought was Janine from two cubicles down. She just excels in getting under your skin, day after day, with no relenting. I bake gingerbread for the entire office, Janine points out that ginger is unkind to the environment. I bring in coffees for everyone, Janine gives us a sighing lecture on coffee beans and the rainforest. I give a presentation, she interrupts every time with some pithy office concern. If I could make her vanish…

And then I thought about the termites. I can’t go home at the moment, because we had to call in the Frankston termite control people and they’re currently assessing whether our whole place is going to fall down. I told Alex, time and time again, keep that damp wood away from the back door! Whose idea was it to even have an open fireplace, anyway? It’s always freezing when we get back to the house, and then you have to pay for the firestarters and wait for the place to heat up, and if it’s pouring with rain you have to go out to the shed. It could’ve been a canara, just a flick of the switch, but no. Alex thought he’d bring the wood closer to the house, I TOLD him not to, and now? Termites. Possibly enough the collapse the roof.

I hate being right. So if I could snap my finger and remove all these termites, I most definitely wood. Would. Janine is a close second, and there are moments when Alex comes in third. AT last he actually had some Frankston pest control connections and called them in straight away. So he does have his uses after all…


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