Thoughts of Styling and Sugar

property styling and stagingBirthday at work are…well, a bit of a waste of time for me at the moment. I’ve been on a diet ever since Kim clicked on a link and said there was ‘one weird trick’ to lose weight. We couldn’t make head or tail of the results, but it seemed to involve bananas, so we’ve taken a pledge as office buddies to only eat bananas and see if that works. So unless someone brings in a banana cake, we can’t participate. Would banoffee pie count? We all need our cheat days.

It’s not a good time for my blood sugar to be down, honestly, what with all the selling of the home and trying to accommodate a new dog that Lucy just brought home one day. Property styling means that we have to make the place look extra nice all the time, because people are coming in and out all the time and I just can’t stand the thought of anyone judging me for the way my house looks. It’d be nice if Tim could lend a hand, but I’m through nagging.

I know I shouldn’t be so uptight! After all, you get property styling to make the place look good for selling. We’re still a good length of time away from the actual sale at this stage, still so much to do and a lot of planning. I just don’t want the property stylists to come in and judge me for all the dog hair that’s all over the place. I keep telling Lucy: you brought the dog in off the street, your job is to be the one who picks up everything it drops. Everything.

I get no break at the moment when I’m home from work, basically, so you can see how maintaining a diet is a bit of a long shot. Maybe I should just give up. But then, Kim and I shook on it…

I’ll eat some bananas, meet the Melbourne home staging folks and maybe have a few moments to myself in the evening. Maybe. Gosh, what a stressful time!


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