We’ll Just NOT Have Tinted Windows

office glass tinting MelbourneThis has become a daily occurrence. I come to my desk, I look at my email and it’s one from the bosses, saying that a client will no longer be working with us. But good news, we’ve picked up some other deadbeat company! Yeah, until Lawrence Corp steals THEM from us as well, and we move onto something else. They don’t say in the email where the old company went, funnily enough. By this point it would just be embarrassing anyway.

It’s a shame, because I really was getting into this whole tinted window business. Commercial window tinting in Melbourne is actually a much bigger deal than you’d think, plus I just really like the idea of it. See, we get window cleaners sometimes and it’s REALLY hard to work with those people staring at you. Not that I think they’re being distracting on purpose, but having someone right there on the other side of the glass is…weird. First-world office problems, I know. Still, there’s this one guy and I swear he spends most of his time just…staring. Like he’s trying to look into my soul, and he became a window cleaner as a cover.

See, this is why we need tinted windows. It’s protection for the sensitive information of our clients, and it’s protection for us, so we don’t have people gawking. What if the window cleaners are corporate spies, sent to look through the window and steal emails? And…phone numbers?

I wouldn’t know, because I’m not a corporate spy. I’m just saying, a bit of quality Melbourne office glass tinting would go down really well here. For the privacy, and the prestige. Ah well…I guess in a week, all of Lawrence Corp’s windows will be beautifully tinted. Hope they…enjoy that.

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