The Annual Survey

play centre AdelaideOh great, the yearly employee questionnaire. ‘Would you consider yourself loyal to the company?’ is always my favourite question; always makes me laugh. Would I consider myself loyal to a company where the bosses are ghosts, we never know what we’re working on and there doesn’t even seem to be a solid product or service that we offer the public? No. No, I would not. ‘Do you enjoy your work hours?’ Well, I just installed Boom-Beanies: Legendary Journey and I’ve been having a blast with all the kid-friendly puzzles, so yeah, I’m having a great time. I’d worry that answer will get me fired, but I don’t think anyone actually reads these things.

‘Is your workload fresh and exciting?’ Okay, yeah, it kinda is. The flavour of the month seems to be indoor play centres, in Adelaide no less. Didn’t even know we had offices in Adelaide, but maybe it’ an interstate client. Wouldn’t surprise me, especially after last month when I think we may have been working for a client that made rugs in New Delhi. Fun. This one I had a bit of motivation for, since I used to love play centres back when I was a kid. Not that we went to them all that often- I can name about five times, max, that Dad ever let us go- but I was an adventurous kid, so exploring a maze of tunnels and pretending I was a pirate-ninja-zombie out for revenge against the evil Dark Clown Mushroom was totally sick. In case you’re wondering…yes, I did just mash up a bunch of things I hated and turn them into a supervillain. You can’t judge me; I’m pretty sure that’s how Cat-Man ended up with his arch-nemesis of The Smoker. Those early comic books were just full of messages about how smoking kills.

Anyway, indoor play centres, all that jazz. Apparently they do kids birthday parties now, which sounds awesome. Kids party venues in Adelaide must be absolutely wild. Oh, what’s this email? We’re not working on them anymore? Typical. Well, if you’ll excuse me…I have some Boom-Beanies to guide to a more fertile land.


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