I’ll Take Some Luxury Accommodation, Thank You

Oh yes. Now I could get used to working for a client that does luxury accommodation, yes sir I could. See, this is why I took that client liaison position. Longer hours, more interaction with people and sometimes we have to travel outside the office to other offices in Melbourne: everyone said I was crazy. It doesn’t even pay that much more than my previous job, which was just pushing pencils and waiting for the next email for something to do.

But I showed them all. See, this is the position that gets me rubbing elbows with all the big clients. Why, only last week I managed to sweet-talk the owner of a dairy farm into giving me a kilogram of cheese samples to bring back to the office. Sorry… ‘bring back to the office’. They might have lain forgotten in my car until I got home that day. Whoops!

So now I’m primed for some of Lorne’s luxury accommodation, and I cannot wait. Cheese is nice, and I’m still working my way through that hamper of soap samples, but this is the kind of thing that makes me glad I took this job. I’ve been needing a holiday. Never been to Lorne, but I’ve heard some good things, and if it’s free (or massively discounted) then who cares?? It’s got a beach, probably several places that do coffee and ice-cream, so how bad can it be? I’m not going to be fussy, and it’s not like people are flocking to the place in winter. Or maybe they are, it’s just that good. Either way, I win.

First job: find out what these people actually have to do with Lorne’s accommodation. I hope it’s something very intimate and involved, since that would make my plan so much easier. After that, find the weak link and lay on the charm. Use my business acumen. Convince them that a few Lorne beach apartments will go over really well with my work colleagues.

And then it’s mine! ALL MINE.


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