The Old Hobbies

If there was one thing my parents loved, a hobby they cherished more than anything, it was probably chasing me around the house with a slipper, beating me around the head and telling me that I was in trouble. BUT, if there was a second thing, it was boating. Many a weekend they spent out on the reef, coasting around with the wind in their hair and smiles in their heart. I never got to go along- they left the house and gave me a list of jobs, with the promise of harsh punishment if I failed to complete all of the, or did them wrong- but not that I’m a bit older and they’re not around, I’m wondering what that’s like.

Melbourne has had a bit of a boating renaissance recently, in case you hadn’t noticed. Oh yes, indeed…so many places offering quality outboard motor servicing. Melbourne is perfect for boating as the bay is never too rocky. The number of people taking to the high seas is increasing. Maybe people are getting a bit tired of cars, and taking a break from wheels in favour of boat wheels and motors, at least for a little while. In any case, it’s never been a better time to get on board, as it were, with the hottest hobby around.

I’d use my parents’ old boat, but they unfortunately left orders in their will for it to be taken out into the bay and sunk so that I never got my hands on it. Bless them and their silly little foibles! So I need to save up for a boat of my own. Perhaps I should take things for a bit of a test spin first? It wouldn’t do to outright buy a sea vessel, then find out that I don’t really like it all that much. I just have the vague inkling that, while I’ve inherited nothing else from my parents, seafaring might be the one. I’ll look through their old documents, see if I can find an anchor winch specialist they used. There have to be some they didn’t have burned before they passed.


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