My Amazing Beauty Inventions

Melbourne laser hairFinally, a client that is just so me. It’s a bit of a shame we’re in Alice Springs and they’re in Melbourne, but hopefully I can get some time off, sweet talk the boss into giving us some vouchers and boom, laser hair removal for everyone! Or just me, because shaving is the world’s worst task. I have no time in the morning for that stupid business, but oh, it just has to be summer when everyone showing off skin.

So basically, I have to do some really good work for this laser hair removal place in Melbourne, and that’s my way in. And every night I’ll go to bed with sweet dreams of all the hair on my legs just…falling off, never to return.

Honestly, I’m not sure why humanity hasn’t invented a more convenient way to make yourself beautiful. Like, let’s say there was a gun of some kind, and when you point it at your face it automatically applies all your makeup. It’d be a safe, gentle gun, but then maybe they’d never put it in production because it’s still pointing a gun at your own face. Some people really can be fussy about that kind of thing, as well as leaving it around kids.

Another amazing invention I was telling Vera about in the break room is the portable laser hair remover. It’s like a laser light, but more powerful. You can carry it in your handbag, and if you see a stray hair popping up…ZAP. There it goes. Perfect for dates, weddings or just those awkward moments around the home. I really should be a rich inventor instead of working in an office.0  

But for now, I’m settling for just doing a bit of work for some cosmetic tattooing places in Melbourne. Sigh. Someday I’ll get down there, maybe in time for Sharon’s wedding…and then I can share my ideas! There’s hope for my inventing career yet!


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