Solving the Great Crisis

Melbourne drain unblockingOh yeah, right, sure. Ryan has finally admitted that he was the cause of the Great Break Room Crisis of 2016/17. That’s all well and good, but I wouldn’t trust that idiot to make beans on toast (at least, not without burning the toast, spilling the beans and breaking three plates in the process), so I don’t trust him to tackle that break room. The place is like a scene from a horror movie where a queen alien has laid her eggs and coated them in slime.

Don’t ask me how the slime got there. I just know that I’ve given up being their kitchen fairy. The apology card was flattering, and honestly overdue, but it’s not going to make me change my mind. I’ve got a microwave under my desk and that’s all I need to make this my break area. I WILL help with the whole situation regarding the drain unblocking. Melbourne plumbers are sort of my thing…it’s why I got the secretary job in the first place, I’ll have you know. I have an extensive list of contacts for every single industry, including cleaning, but I wasn’t about to call up one of my trusted cleaning firms and inflict that room upon them. Plumbing might not be so bad, since plenty of people dump food down the sink and it’s probably a common plumber issue. I may have to issue a warning regarding the workspace, however.

How did we even let it get this bad?? That’s the royal ‘we’, by the way, since I wash everything I use, twice. No break room should ever require some serious plumbing services because it’s been so abused. Also, I LOVE cleaning, and they even managed to force me out of there. That’s how you know things are truly serious. So the card is appreciated, thanks very much, I’ll find my best and most trusted Melbourne drain repair service folks to at least make sure the sink doesn’t start overflowing…but the cleaning? That one’s on everyone else.


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