Flying Premium Economy to Success

Finally, I’m moving up in this company! Of course, that might mean I’m eventually initiated into the ranks of the shadowy order of the bosses, who communicate only via email and probably spend most of their time in a dark room inside a glowing magic circle. I mean, like…that’s the image I have of them. Sounds ridiculous, but considering that I’ve never EVER seen them and there’s not even so much as a whisper on the company Facebook page, I’m forced to imagine.

We’re currently working with a number of Melbourne aluminium toolbox and trades-person supply companies who’ve said they’d like to go global. I was just a regular member of the sales team until yesterday, when Monica said that I had ‘the right stuff’ and that they’re sending me to Paris. Paris! I’m going to be selling toolboxes and other such things in Paris! Well, it’s actually some kind of fancy business meeting, so actually, I’ll be sidling up to potential business partners all over the world and asking if they’d like a piece of this toolbox goodness. Fancy hotel, a whole couple of days off to see the sights…AND I’m flying in premium economy. PREMIUM.

Maybe this is to do with my expertise. Before I decided that the office grind might be a better way to advance my career, I was properly involved in building work, with some general maintenance. I know ute toolboxes and draw systems inside and out. I can tell you exactly which roof racks and bars go on which types of vehicle. Stuff like that, you just don’t forget. So basically, I’m the best of both worlds…impeccable skill as a communicator and businessman, and also a pro trades-person, well versed in all the tradie ways. I can’t let them down. My promotion to the shadowy upper management is riding on my performance.



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