Talkin’ ‘Bout Rendering

Melbourne concrete rendering companyIf this office wasn’t crazy enough, now I have to babysit the Swedish guy. I’m not being racist or anything, and his English is just fine if a little bit heavily accented. No, it’s just…new people aren’t what we need at the moment. I’ve got Darren on the case helping out, but now the bosses have released a VERY short memo saying that we’re partnered with the Melbourne concrete rendering industry. That was it. ‘We have partnered with the Melbourne concrete rendering industry. Please field calls accordingly.’

Their definition of ‘accordingly’ must be pretty different to most of what happens here, because what I’m actually seeing is people taking calls about a thing that most people don’t understand. If the Australians don’t understand the main thing about concrete rendering, how do they think the French intern is going to cope? Most people here aren’t homeowners; it’s a smaller office with a lot of young people, so they’re focusing less on concrete rendering and more on pondering whether they’ll ever be able to save up for a home at all. Cassie at the desk owns a home, but she said her husband ruled out rendering until they get the roof leakages fixed, and the she would knock it down before it infests the place with termites.

Basically, we’re up the creek. I’ve scheduled an emergency office-wide staff meeting and made a power-point presentation that outlines all the key things they need to know. So concrete rendering is coating the outside of a building, making it more weather-resistant, making it look smarter…and actually, those buildings do look pretty nice. Something to consider for the future. And right now for the office, if they feel like giving everyone a live demonstration of concrete rendering. You know, for training purposes.


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