The Beauty of Gardens

hollyhocksRemember, beauty is a choice. You’re the one who decides how you’re feeling on the inside and out – don’t you forget it! You heard it from Briella, folks. Anyway, I’m happy on this fine, blustery Melbourne day to chat to you all about a very different kind of beauty: the beauty of your garden. I know, you’re all probably a bit fed up of hearing me yarn on about my fancy new apartment. Well, good news: this has nothing to do with where I live! I’m talking about gardens, and I certainly don’t have one of those. The patio of my penthouse apartment has an Aloe plant I think, but that hardly counts.

Some good friends of mine recently had some special addition to their garden that I simply had to talk about. They have, in my opinion, one of Melbourne’s finest gardens complete with the most beautiful geraniums I’ve ever seen. They actually invited me round to a garden party to see the lawn, I was so excited. Now, it’s not every day you get an invitation to go around and see someone’s new garden. They must know I have a weakness for afternoon tea.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I turned up, but I dressed for the occasion anyway. In my mind, I’d made it out to be this rather boring affair. Boy, oh boy, was I wrong! The garden was just gorgeous, everything blooming and bright. The hollyhocks had bloomed into vivid and fragrant flowers that were perfect in every way. It was like stepping into a painting, with everything lush and vibrant. To walk through this beautiful yard, you’d hardly know it wasn’t a dream.

So what’s the lesson here? Don’t neglect your garden, it’s as much a part of your home as the bricks and mortar. I see far too many people not giving the time of day to their yard. I’m starting to regret choosing to live in an apartment instead of a small house with a nice garden.

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