Kid friendly gardens

aloe varietiesI’m not outdoorsy. To be frank, the word ‘outdoorsy’ shouldn’t exist. I like proper English and I’m not a ‘great outdoors’ kind of guy. Hey, nature is nice to look at. It doesn’t mean I need to go traipsing around in it. You have any idea how much these shoes cost me?

It’s just too bad that my personal pride over things looking neat has clashed with the fact that I now have a small garden to look after. I work at a play centre for kids, and the duty of looking after the garden outside has randomly fallen to me.

Luckily, a prevalent trend in Melbourne nowadays is minimalist garden landscaping. Add in the fact that I have to find flowers that don’t pose a threat to the kids, and you get the idea where I’m coming free. You see kids will eat anything, flowers, poisonous leaves from trees, basically everything. My wife and I have decided to stick to simple plants like the Aloe varieties.

I have to make sure that anything that is planted in the garden is not going to be toxic should it be ingested. I have to talk with botanists to ensure I’m not planting any summer flowering bulbs that could harm the little ones. The kids love to just run around aimlessly without a care in the world.

Fun flowers and plants. What does that even look like? Is there any chance I can just get grass and cover the whole yard? This is all Troy’s fault; he used to be the gardener, and now he’s left it all to me. Did you know that there are a large number of edible flowers? They are usually used to make fancy dinners at expensive restaurants looks nice. At least I won’t have to worry about the children eating the flowers now. I’ll probably forget to water the garden unless I make it a game for the kids to help out. I’ll put them in charge of making sure the flowers get watered, it’ll be a game. I have it all figured out.

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