Best Christmas party venue in the city

corpoarte party venue hireIt’s July, and that means Christmas. That is, it means Christmas for my funny backwards family. They emigrated from England, a place I have never been to, and it feels right to them having Christmas in July when it’s cold. I don’t complain, because two are better than one (we still have regular Christmas), but the whole thing seems to have blown up recently. I’m not even finished high-school and already I’m being inducted into the event planning, because Mum said she wants me to be responsible and know how to plan ahead. Uh, yeah, Mum. That’s why I’m doing VCE. I don’t need any more on my plate. But I guess they think I’m turning eighteen soon, adulthood, crushing debt, all that fun stuff.

I wasn’t kidding when I said I had blown up. It used to just be the five of us. Now my sister AND brother are married. They have babies. They’ve invited friends, Mum and Dad have invited friends, I can also invite friends, and then some distant family members come down because they’ve heard it’s so great. Every year we have to look for a new party venue here in Melbourne because we keep outgrowing them, like baby clothes. I’m thinking we just need to find one venue that’s WAY too big, and then we can grow into it, but that suggestion got shut down. Christmas in July still isn’t proper Christmas, even though we have far more people to entertain. No, it doesn’t matter than we’ve turned it into this big shebang event with far more fanfare than the real thing; it’s still not real.

Am I the only one who sees the flaw in that logic? And I’m the youngest, seriously. So yeah, we have to keep finding venues that are just right and hope that more and more people don’t notice us. Seriously though, we throw pretty good bashes. My sister leads on youth camps all the time and she’s brilliant at games. Mum’s winter dishes could be served to the Queen. Dad’s surprisingly good at being a DJ. We can’t help being great. But I do wish Melbourne could have function rooms for all shapes and sizes, with very specific dimensions. Might make my job a lot easier.

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