Orc Houses?

Walking through beautiful Forgotten Springs, the quality of the houses strikes me as simply incredible. That is until I reach the orc encampment, where the houses can barely be called that at all. It is, after all, a camp. The stench of it reaches my nose, and I turn to go to a more pleasant part of town. As I head off, I notice that one orc is pacing around the houses, looking quite disgruntled. I wave him over to me and invite him to chat. He kindly agrees, and we set off through the more pleasant parts of town.

“I hate living here,” Kagan confides as we get out of earshot. “I really do. It smells terrible, and I have to walk for about half an hour to reach the closest library. I’m a scholar, you see. While most of my people are brutes, talking about raids and stuff, I’m deep in a novel or an academic paper. I love learning. That’s why I’m considering a move out of here. It’s tough, being an orc, though. People assume I’m just going to destroy the homes they are trying to sell.”

I point out that a buyer’s agent in the Melbourne area might be able to help with that. He could remain entirely anonymous throughout the whole process, and land his dream home.

“That’s definitely something that I need. With my grey-green complexion, I don’t think I have much chance of getting a house on my own. I did consider getting in touch with a buyer’s agent based in Brighton East, but now I’m thinking that I’d like to live in the Melbourne CBD. The closer I can be to the state library, the better.”

As we continue walking, Kagan tells me about how he is often bullied by the other orcs for not wanting to participate in raids. I try to give him comfort, but he still seems bothered by it. When I promise to put in a good word with a buyer’s advocacy near Melbourne, his mood finally brightens. 

“Thank you, so much. You have no idea how significantly that will help me out.”