Compulsory Children’s Orthotics

My twin brother and I are identical in every way. No one can tell us apart, sometimes even our parents get confused about who they’re talking to. I love my brother and I’m happy that we’re so similar, but it sucks in some ways because I’m the lesser brother. 

Even though we’re identical and no one knows who’s who, once people look closer they know that I’m the slightly less brother. Now, you may be wondering why I’m saying I’m slightly less… like what does that even mean, right? It means that where my brother goes his entire life without injury, I get injured every other year. It means that where my brother gets an A+ on his assignment, I get a B-. On paper, we both look perfect, but I’ll never be as perfect as him.  

My brother and I are both elite triathletes in the junior competition of our state. His PB’s are always slightly better than mine, but we’re both in the elite category for our division and will be continuing on as professional athletes in the future. Well… I hope I will be.

I’m currently suffering from a foot injury and I now have to wear children’s orthotics. Cheltenham, where I live, has a highly skilled podiatrist that my parents sent me to once I started experiencing foot pain midway through last year. My brother of course hasn’t experienced any pain and has perfect feet, so it’s only me that has to wear the orthotics. The podiatrist is really good and promised me that if I wear the orthotics for the next year my feet will be in perfect shape, potentially even more perfect than my brothers. I’ll admit, this piqued my interest. I’m also going to be wearing circulation socks going forward so that I can put myself in the best position to return to my future professional sporting career. 

I really hope things improve for me. I’ll update you guys in six months when I’m finished with my orthotics.