Renovation Frustration

My mum and I don’t always see eye to eye, which I assume is normal in any mother-daughter relationship. It’s super frustrating though because she does a lot of things that really annoy me. It’s like she will purposely go against what I want just for the fun of it. If I say it’s purple she says it’s orange, if I say it’s left, she says it’s right. We just can’t agree on anything.

The most recent example is that she wants to get a bathroom renovation of the main bathroom in our house because one tiny thing in our bathroom has broken. We could get it repaired by a tradie doing a cashy for a tenth of the price, but instead, she just wants to redo the whole bathroom. This will take so much longer and means the bathroom is out of action for triple the time. I’m really annoyed that she’s adamant about getting the bathroom renovated.

Why am I mad, you ask? Because it’s not our bathroom that needs to be renovated, it’s our kitchen! Our kitchen is out of date and my mum went haywire and bought a fridge that didn’t fit in the designated fridge space and now it’s in the dining room! Surely it makes more sense to talk to someone about kitchen design in Melbourne who can rearrange our kitchen so that it makes logical sense. I’m sick of having to cook dinner and then walk all the way to the dining room because I need to get something out of the fridge. It makes no sense.

But yeah, my mum is devoid of all logic and will do whatever she pleases. She will get the bathroom renovated even though we don’t have the money for it, and not get the kitchen renovated out of spite. Seriously, what’s wrong with getting a tradie in to fix the very minor problem with our bathroom and then renovating the kitchen? She makes no sense.