Another Buyers’ Advocate!

Well, it’s been four years since I moved to Australia and I can safely say that it’s the best country in the world. Even with all the riches in the world in my home country, living in Australia is better. 

The last time I updated you all I had just landed in Australia with my unborn baby. My unborn baby is now a little boy! He would have been awarded everything money could buy back in my home country, much like I was but on a larger scale. I just didn’t want to take the risk. I didn’t want to have a daughter who felt inferior for being a girl. I know I was one of the lucky ones, which is obvious by my being here in Australia now. I also know how bad it could be for daughters born to poor parents. I shudder at the thought of it.

I wanted my child to grow up in a place where everyone is equal, and because of my move to Australia, he will grow up knowing that. He will never think he’s better than a woman. Anyway, the house that the buyers’ agent in the Hawthorn area picked out for me over four years ago was absolutely perfect. She met my brief perfectly. The bedrooms were big, the living spaces were perfect for raising a young child, and the backyard was private and massive! I’m going to miss my perfect house, but I have exciting news… my family is growing!

I met a lovely Australian man and we are going to have a baby together. Even better, as of today, I have officially convinced my little sister to move to Melbourne with me. The very first thing I will do once I finish writing this blog post is call a buyers’ agent near Brighton East. I would like to raise my family by the beach. My sister has never seen the ocean, having lived in a landlocked country her whole life.

I’m so excited to change her life forever.