Visiting Bentleigh

I feel like I have to write on this website more often than everyone else. What’s this, the third time this year? Maybe it’s only the second, but Rize has over five hundred employees. By the laws of probability, I should only have to write on the company blog once every year or two. We’re only halfway through the year and I’ve already had to do it twice, at least.

I shouldn’t be complaining. An hour is more than enough time to get a short blog post done. Honestly, I could probably do it in twenty minutes, but whatever. What should I write about? I’ve still got a couple of hundred words to go. I guess I could write about how my recent experience with a car service centre. Bentleigh might enjoy that.

Before I talk about that, though, I should definitely mention how I almost saw the company CEO the other day. I had a meeting scheduled with him, but I totally forgot about it since it was booked about three years ago. Guess I’m waiting for the next decade to get that pay rise. Then I went into the break room and I thought I saw him there, but it was just the shadow of the vending machine and an old piece of cheese Jerry glued to the wall. Don’t ask me how that looked like the boss. It just did!

So anyway, my trip to the mechanic close to Bentleigh. I don’t mean the suburb, by the way. I mean my friend Bentleigh. He’s a great guy, living all the way in Moe. I didn’t even know Moe had a mechanic, but when my car broke down Bentleigh towed me to the local car expert. He patched up my tyres, had a good look at the engine and had me back on the road in no time. Thanks to my friend Bentleigh for helping me out in a time of need!