Toolboxes Are Cool, for Now

aluminium toolboxesYou could say I’ve never worked an honest day in my life. This is my first job after uni, and if I stay here it looks like the ‘not working’ thing is going to stick, because whatever I’m doing here doesn’t feel like work. You know, because it’s so pointless. Maybe that’s just all office jobs: you type in some figures, you send an email telling someone that you’ve typed in some figures, you might answer the phone and receive another pointless task, and the cycle continues until you’re seventy and they’re throwing you a leaving party that everyone appreciates because it gets them out of work, not because it’s for you. There’s also cake. I don’t know, maybe we won’t have cake in the future. What a sad place. And they say we’re the hopeful generation.

I’m trying not to be entitled, but I don’t know anything about Melbourne’s aluminium ute canopies. The boss told us to look it up, and that’s…fine. But that’s really no way to get us excited and passionate about our work, when we switch what we’re working on every hour and we never heard anything from the bosses besides shadowy emails. Like, good work environment you’ve got here! I’m starting to think Todd was right when he said having a table tennis table in here would help with morale, because nothing else is working. The boss here tried to organise after-work drinks a couple of weeks ago, but nobody went because nobody cared. We had a tiring day writing about aluminium toolboxes and we all just wanted to go home.

I could get excited about toolboxes, if I didn’t know that next week we’ll be working on inflatable pool noodles and everything will be for nothing. Like, they need to foster a more creative and supportive work environment. That’s my opinion, as a millennial. Melbourne aluminium toolboxes are great, for the moment, but I just want a bit of…consistency? I don’t know…


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