Suck Up to the Bosses, Have a Car!

mechanic RingwoodOh, so now Andrea has a company car. How nice for Andrea. No idea how she managed to score that one, since it’s not like we can suck up to bosses who do not exist. Suppose she must’ve done something good, because she seems to be the darling of the shadowy higher-ups. Just got sent over to Perth for that big meeting with the auto company, You know the one…they make the really fancy cars, and now that I’m thinking about it, that’s it. That’s exactly why she has the car. She used her amazing powers of sucking up to the bigwigs and applied them right to the act of getting herself a fancy company car.

But then, Andrea has always been able to charm anything out of anyone. She managed to get time off the other day purely because she needed to get hold of a car mechanic. Ringwood is usually the area we go to get the car serviced because of the reputation in the area for top quality. Bear in mind that we’re nowhere near Ringwood, so it must’ve taken her a good deal of time to get that far. But no, it had to be done, for the sake of Andrea. She had to take a lunch that was about three hours, because she had to drive across several suburbs and wait around, probably chatting up the mechanics so she could have a few dollars knocked off the price. Anything for Andrea!

Not that I’m knocking the method, or anything. If I had as much moxy as her, or at least eyelashes that were that long, I’d be fluttering them all the time to get what I wanted out of more or less everyone. I’m most definitely hating the game and not the player, but that’s just because I wasn’t spawned with Andrea’s advantages.

I’m just saying…if I simply have to drag myself out to find a car servicing professional near Ringwood to look over my vehicle, I don’t think my eyelash fluttering would do anything other than make them think I had an eye infection. It requires a certain smoothness I do not possess. The chances of getting myself a company car are basically zero.


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