Power Returns to the People!

commercial solar energySo it only took about eight weeks of picketing, several letters to the boss and maybe even a few sneaky emails to the management. And then there was the multi-plug in the boss’ bed, which I hope sent the right message. It was supposed to be a message saying “let us have one of these at our desks, or we shall all be very cross.” And then the police got involved, so let’s keep this one on the down-low.

But the restrictions have been lifted! We’re still having all that commercial energy monitoring stuff around the office, and I understand I need, because we must be kind to the environment. We can use hairdryers at our desk again, so that’s good news. Honestly, those were some dark times. People could barely charge their phones, and a bunch of people left to go to offices that weren’t quite so strict with their power limitations.

So now it is a glorious land of flowing energy again. And seriously, we JUST got solar power! Industrial solar power is taking off in the business sector, you know. We did mention that in one of our petitions to management, and they responded by having some actual solar panels attached to the roof. I don’t know too much about solar power, to be perfectly honest, but I DO know that once you get one or two panels it’s basically unlimited energy, forever. At least, the boss hasn’t come storming out of his office moaning that we’re spending too much on power. There haven’t been any mysterious power cuts, or light flickers, and that’s even with Edith over there using her toaster oven to heat up her samosas. That Edith and her samosas…

Light has returned to the office, truly. And it’s all thanks to…intimidation tactics! Also, commercial solar energy. An even combo of both, really?


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