Online video sensations crowdsource air conditioner repairs

broken central heatingA pair of online sensations, dubbed “Smashvader” have pleaded to their fans to “pay for our gas heater, because we broke it making a video for you guys.” Justin Rollins and Joshua Van Der Wall started making sketch video in late 2010, having garnered more than 5 million subscribers on a variety of video sharing sites.

“This is a classic case of Generation Y narcissism, trying to compensate for insecurities by appealing to the lowest common denominator,” reports Duncan James. “More power to them if they are able to convince a boat load of 16 year olds that they deserve to be sent money for damages done to their home by them, intentionally.”

By late Friday evening, the pair had raised more than $50,000 to pay for a Canberra company to conduct heating repairs, “more than enough to power their brainless adventures for decades to come,” stated Justin’s father. “I don’t approve of this video business, what with the government watching our every move, but if he can keep paying for my heating to get fixed, then these cold days will start be bearable again.”

The two say that the inspiration for the crowdfunding came from “another online video creator who thought he could get free money from his fans. We liked the idea so we tried to break our system so that the Canberra based ducted heating repair company could fix it up again. It’s worked a treat. Thanks guys!”

The city’s cold-snap hasn’t dampened the spirits of the two viral uploaders, who boast a three video per day average. “When you’re out of ideas and it’s fun when you father gets overheated, what else are we to do, but smash some things?”

Fans were outraged when the pair revealed their scheme via a social media post. Many felt they had been scammed to pay for a new heater and unsubscribed from the channel. As of Friday morning the Smashvader channel has lost close to 100,000 subscribers.

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