Marriage Atop the Platform

folding platform stepsMost people really hate meetings. I don’t mind them, really…if it’s relevant, then all the better. If it’s nothing that I should be worrying about, then I slip into my favourite daydream: getting married on a mountaintop in the Canadian Rockies while a really famous band from the eighties sings an incredibly famous song. It’s a long way to travel, but I reckon we could get them there. It’s for love, after all.

Sadly, I know it’s probably not going to happen. I’ll get married in some local church, and the sound system playing an eighties song is as good as it gets. Those were my ponderings this morning, because we were all called in for the regular Monday morning meeting, to talk about folding platform steps. That’s not really my jurisdiction, given that most of my job is fetching coffee and doing copies, but I managed to pay attention long enough for it to infect my vivid daydreams. As a professional daydreamer, I can attest that this is one of the best ways to do it: if you’re thinking about the thing that they’re talking about, then it doesn’t matter. No one notices, making it the perfect crime.

So now I’m getting married on top of an aluminium platform in Australia somewhere. Any place that has a really big mountain will do, or maybe Uluru. So here we are on top of Uluru, but even higher because of the ladder platforms. There’s another platform a few metres away, and that’s where the band are positioned. I heard that Rice Gurls hit on the radio this morning- Do’WannaBe- so for some reason that just entered my vivid fantasy. That’s definitely not going to be my wedding song, but such is the way of daydreaming: you can’t control all the variables. If your mind decides that you’re going to get married in thunderstorm, on top of Uluru, with the Rice Gurls singing their hearts away and everyone (including the guests) and standing atop a quality Australian aluminium platform…you just go with it. Got no choice in the matter.

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