Kids Definitely Have it Better

party venue hire SydneyI’m not saying I want to start identifying as a six-year-old or anything, but going back to childhood sure does sound super nice. I could go for it every now and then, what with the pressures of modern life and all. Or maybe they’re just the pressures of this particular office. Wouldn’t surprise me.

Sometimes we get to work with the most whimsical of clients, but it still feels kinda hollow when we know we’re moving on from them. I love writing about kids party venues available for hire in Sydney, partially because it’s upbeat, and partially because I get ideas for my own kids. With how much overtime I put in, I can’t really face the prospect of having a massive party in our home, and then having to clean up afterwards. Lucinda hasn’t quite reached the age of inviting over her school friends, but give it a year and she’ll be clamouring for big birthday celebrations. Well, that’s where the party venues come in. Personally, I had no idea they could be found so readily in Sydney, and they’re pretty much fuss-free. Fuss-free sounds…excellent. Both me and the wife are run off our feet and exhausted ever since Dad became ill, and he and Mum live halfway across the city so it’s a bit of a trip to make every day. Not complaining, just…anything that makes our lives a bit easier will work just fine.

Oh, and now the bosses have said that lunch will be cut to half an hour each day, which means I can’t go and deal with the mortgage papers at the bank on my lunch break.

I’ll deal with it. We always do. Should just be glad that there ARE even indoor play centres in and around Sydney that we can use for this sort of thing. Not that I’m trying to offload, but you know how it is. As life gets busier, you go to a play centre. That’s…what they say. And then you think back to your own childhood, back when you were actually, truly happy.


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