Dental AND Automotive, What a Job…

car mechanic BentleighSo the shadowy bosses have spoken: we don’t get dental services in our employee package, and travel times are not compensated. Great. I just love working here, where the job changes every couple of weeks, the rules change with double the frequency and Debbie keeps stealing everyone’s parking space. I swear she makes the rounds so that when you confront her, she can throw up her hands and say it’s only happened once or twice. Sorry that the rest of us have to pay for the parking privileges in this place, but that should come with the guarantee of a place to park once we get there.

I was talking to my friend Ivan, and he just started working over at Lawrence Corp. He said they get dental, free flu jabs, they can book holidays on a system with no questions asked and a generous notice period, AND they qualify for free car servicing if they travel a certain distance to work. Just…imagine. I think the company has an agreement with a group of car mechanics in the Bentleigh area, or somewhere around there, so their employees just get amazing services.

And you might wonder why I don’t just jump ship, but Lawrence Corp is really exclusive. It’s how they’ve had their meteoric rise to the top of the business food chain, while we guppies sit at the bottom, paying for our own dentist appointments and car servicing. I couldn’t get a job there. And they work you hard as well, so you have to be the best AND work hard to qualify for your mechanic needs to be paid for.

I guess they’ve earned it. That’s the mark of status: your company sends you to Bentleigh, good quality automotive mechanics are just part and parcel of your generous salary package. If only all of us could be so lucky. Instead, I’m using MY car to travel to business meetings, and not getting a cent for it. Yay, being employed…


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