Blessed Be Me, the Peacemaker

conveyancers HighettCannot BELIEVE Sally isn’t taking responsibility for the parking mess she’s created. We have a booking system, which SOME people don’t seem to realise. Sally swears she switched with Amy, who’s on holiday and can’t corroborate the story. But then Neil says he booked the space two months ago and his booking has been lost, and to be fair, he does have the confirmation email. But the system says Amy booked it, and now Sally’s the one parking there. Why do I always get left to deal with this stuff on a Friday afternoon? I just want to think about going home and having my burger with the lot, and here I am…trying sort out an impossible argument.

I’m not the office peacemaker, or so it would seem; got that particular reputation after I literally sorted out Ruth’s life. Ruth needed a conveyancer! A conveyancer in Highett or somewhere close, to be precise, since she was in the process of moving and her husband had asked her to sort it out before they had to go away to their grandmother’s funeral in Dubbo. Of course, her sieve-like memory had caused the information to leak out, so Ruth was having a small panic episode in the break room. I know nothing about conveyancing or lawyers, but I took pity and made a few calls.

So, that’s useful in case I ever need my own conveyancer, but now everyone’s got it into their heads that they can sneakily get me to solve all their problems. I mean it when I say it’s sneaky, because no one asks me. No, they just loudly have their problems right next to me and hope I’ll step in with my bleeding heart. Ugh.

Maybe that was how the whole conveyancing thing got started. Nevertheless, Ruth and husband better be happy with the nice conveyancer based in Clifton Hill I’ve set them up with. My new policy is never revisiting a problem…it’s enough effort sorting them out once.

– Clarence

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