All Kitchens Now

So now it’s all kitchens here in Melbourne. I bet it’s because they’re opening that museum. Suddenly we all got a course correction in the middle of the morning, which was very irritating because they’d already sent us our work for the day. We were doing some work for a company that sells boogie boards, but stop the presses, it’s all about kitchens now! So that’s almost a whole morning of work clearly wasted, because once we move on from one industry, we never go back. I’ve learned to just let them go.

So, everyone is in a flutter about kitchen renovation and design, which makes me wonder if we can’t get a bit of that love in our office. I know, I know…commercial kitchens aren’t in, and it’s all about the home stuff, but it’s not THAT much of a difference. Our kitchen, as well as our entire office, is just a badly converted set of apartments anyway. The original home kitchen is still there, there’s still not enough fridge or food prep space, and we still have to eat at our desks because it’s too tiny for any kind of table. I don’t want us to get kitchen renovations to make us look like we’re running a five-star restaurant, or anything. I don’t ask for the kitchen of the Chubby Chicken to be transported here, in all its glitz and glamour. I just want a bit of work-surface where I can put together a sandwich or chop some veggies for a salad. And an oven that works more than 20% of the time.

It’s not for us, though. We just have to deal with companies doing kitchen facelifts in Melbourne, while not getting any of the glamour ourselves. With kitchen design being such a hot topic right now, I’m sort of surprised we’ve gotten this sort of work at all. It’s not to last, though…


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