The Great Break Room Crisis

blocked drainsAlright, I’ll admit it: we need to clean up the break room. This is me admitting this, by the way. Nobody knows, but I was the one who poured an entire container of two-minute noodles down the sink because I wasn’t really fond of the flavour. I was also the one who exploded the microwave, but in my defence, it’s not like it clearly says on rolls of aluminium foil that they’re not supposed to go in there. I was trying to keep the chicken tikka in the bowl where it belonged!

Also in my defence, most of what we’ve allowed to happen was a group effort. Darlene has given up trying to clean the place since we’re so messy, and thus…it’s a trash heap. Also, the sink is blocked. Probably should’ve seen that coming.

I’m making up for my mistakes, though! Spent the last half an hour browsing through service directories of Melbourne, blocked drain plumbers are everywhere! Did you know that drain cameras are a real thing? I couldn’t believe it either, but Anna directed me to this website…and I’ve gotten distracted again. The drain people are definitely one their way, though. No word from the microwave people. And I have no idea who to call about all the gunk in the ceiling fan; would that be the fan people, or do regular cleaners deal with that kind of thing? Yeah, we’ve definitely let things get way too far. Still, once the sink is unblocked, waters stops pouring over the floor, the fridge is cleared of the huge, two-year-old ham that someone just left in there for some reason, and…then there’s the mould all over the light switch, THEN things will be back to normal.

To my credit, I also tried unblocking the drain myself. But my little mix of baking soda and vinegar might have just made things worse. Pretty sure I heard something alive down there, so the ramen may have gained sentience. I’ll tell the Melbourne based drain cleaning company to bring body armour or something; it’ll be fine…


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